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Advantech Industries

Take your machining capabilities to the next level with Advantech Industries' state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machines. Our advanced technology allows for unparalleled precision and accuracy, reducing production time and increasing efficiency. From complex geometries to intricate shapes, our 5-axis machines can handle it all. Trust in Advantech for superior quality and cutting-edge technology.

Advantech Industries- Exceeding Standards

Advantech Industries produces completed parts using advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery

Amazing CNC Machines At Work

Witness the impressive sight of our state-of-the-art CNC machines in action!

Behind The Scenes CNC Machining

Get A Behind the Scenes Look at Part Production Using CNC Machining!

Creating A Fixture

Follow along to find out how Elton created the perfect fixture to securely hold certain parts that Advantech manufactures. Elton will walk you through the whole process, from designing and prototyping in CAD software to testing and improving the final design. He'll also explain why his fixture provides a better way of handling intricate components. Visit our website to learn more about the engineering ingenuity at Advantech Industries!

Expert Welding At Advantech Industries

At Advantech Industries, we don't just weld things together - we forge long-lasting bonds with our clients through exceptional craftsmanship and precision.

Our team of expert welders is trained to handle even the most complex projects with ease. When it comes to welding, you can trust us to bring the heat.

Finishing Process At Advantech Industries

Our expert finishing process provides many advantages.

Horizontal CNC Milling For Large Capacity Production

One of the most significant benefits of horizontal CNC milling machines is that they have the capacity to handle larger parts.

Insider View Of Our CNC Machines at Advantech Industries

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside our cutting-edge CNC machines? We think it's pretty amazing to watch!

Laser Cutting At Advantech Industries

Watch as Advantech Industries unleashes the power of precision laser cutting to create parts of all shapes and sizes! ✨

With unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, our cutting-edge technology makes even the most complex designs a breeze.

From the tiniest details to the grandest visions, our team will bring your ideas to life with jaw-dropping precision.

Trust us to elevate your project to new heights. Contact us today to see the Advantech difference!

Laser Cutting Benefits In Machining

Laser cutting has major advantages over some alternative metal cutting methods, providing the precision and power that helps us to produce results on an unprecedented scale!

Laser Cutting With The Mazak Space Gear 510-MKII 2500W

Advantech's high-performing laser cutting machines are the best in the business and are completely automated for unattended "lights-out" production.

With multiple advanced laser cutting solutions on our shop floor, we'd like to introduce you to one of our Star Performers:

The Mazak Space Gear 510-MKII 2500W!

This machine uses a laser beam to precisely focus heat in order to cut through various types of sheet metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and armor plate with exact precision!

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment is vital to Advantech's ability to deliver the highest-quality cut for our customers in the defense, aerospace, medical, electronics, and various other manufacturing industries!

Machining: 3-Axis to 5-Axis

Here we have a part that was first roughed out on one of our 3-Axis CNC machines and then completed (Op-1 & Op-2) on a 5-Axis machine. It shows just how detailed and how many steps go into making a part like this!

Magnetic Lifters For Increased Productivity

Magnetic lifters are versatile work handling devices that can be used to move a variety of metals, ranging from small bundles of rod or scrap to large, heavy blocks. When used to replace slings and chains, lifting magnets can improve overall productivity by allowing a single person to lift a load that may have required two or more people without it.

Maintaining CNC Inserts For Peak Performance

At Advantech Industries, we prioritize machine performance and accuracy. That's why we ensure every element in our machines is ready for optimal performance.

Inserts play a critical role, as they maintain the accuracy and performance of CNC tools.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our CNC machinists go the extra mile to rough out harsh edges for our customers. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled professionals, Advantech Industries delivers superior results!

Mission Critical Manufacturing

This video showcases the precision and efficiency of Advantech Industries' CNC machining process. Our skilled technicians transform raw materials into perfectly crafted parts, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to quality.

Part Marking At Advantech Industries

At Advantech Industries, we take pride in our commitment to efficiency, precision, and being your single-source supplier!

Here we have our staff adding part numbers to a series of completed parts for a customer! Offering these type of cohesive services allows our customer to get their finished product in one place, saving time and money in the long run!

Phenomenal CNC Machining at Advantech Industries!

Experience phenomenal CNC machining at Advantech Industries!

Watch as our cutting-edge technology transforms raw materials into high-quality, precision parts.

Precision Punch Welding At Advantech Industries

Skilled precision punch welding at Advantech Industries!

Precision Welding

At Advantech Industries, we use only the latest technology and equipment to guarantee precise and accurate welding that exceeds our client's expectations. Not to mention our ultra-talented employees who get the job done day in and day out!

Precision-Crafted Manufacturing

At Advantech Industries, we understand that each project is unique, which is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that the parts we manufacture meet their exact specifications.

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians has the expertise and knowledge to work with a range of materials to create parts that are durable, reliable, and precision-crafted.

Protective Strips Help Ensure Quality

One of the many ways we prioritize quality: a protective strip is used to ensure the part is not scratched or damaged by the press brake machine while the part is formed.

Quality Control Position Available At Advantech Industries

Looking for a fulfilling career that gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment? Look no further than the Advantech Industries Quality Inspector Position! Our family-owned and operated business culture is all about investing in our employees and fostering a strong sense of morale.

Quality Control Positions at Advantech Industries

Come join our team! Advantech Industries is hiring experienced Quality Inspectors for our A Shift.

This position works in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled quality lab, inspecting CNC machined and sheet metal fabricated parts on an open plate.

Experience with CMMs, Smart Scopes, and flat part scanners is a plus.

Advantech is a growing company offering employees a competitive benefits package in an industry-leading manufacturing facility.
Come grow your career with us!

Rivet Nut Installation Process

Join us at Advantech Industries for a hands-on look at our rivet nut installation process on a precision CNC machined part.

State Of The Art Capabilities At Advantech Industries

Each of our cutting-edge departments is equipped with the state-of-the-art capabilities needed to bring our customers from the earliest stages of production to the final inspection of impeccable parts.

The Arbor Press For Efficient Assembly

The Arbor Press is a versatile machine that is commonly used in manufacturing for a variety of tasks, such as assembly, stamping, and shearing.

The Wire EDM Process in Machining

The basic electrical discharge machining process is really quite simple (although at first glance it doesn't appear that way!)

Welded Frame Part

Here's a part that shows off Advantech's abilities as a single-source supplier! In its current state, this frame has gone through machining, grinding, and welding. Each step in the process building off of the last!

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