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CNC Machining Videos

5-Axis CNC Machine In Action

Check out Advantech Industries' cutting-edge 5-axis CNC machines in action!

5-Axis CNC Machining Features

5-Axis CNC Machines possess the capability to move a part or tool on five different CNC axes at the same time, which helps the cutting tool approach the part from all directions!

5Axis CNC Machining

Check out this video of Advantech Industries expertly machining complex parts with our state-of-the-art 5-axis machines!

Advantech Industries

Take your machining capabilities to the next level with Advantech Industries' state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machines. Our advanced technology allows for unparalleled precision and accuracy, reducing production time and increasing efficiency. From complex geometries to intricate shapes, our 5-axis machines can handle it all. Trust in Advantech for superior quality and cutting-edge technology.

Amazing CNC Machines At Work

Witness the impressive sight of our state-of-the-art CNC machines in action!

Attention To Detail (Small Part Finishing)

Looks can be deceiving! This may look like a "small job" because it's a small part, but did you know just one of these parts takes our CNC machinists about 90 minutes to complete???

Behind The Scenes CNC Machining

Get A Behind the Scenes Look at Part Production Using CNC Machining!

CNC Milling

Join Josué as he shows us the milling process for a part at Advantech Industries! See how state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC machining is used to create precision parts with accuracy

Conceptualizing CNC Tombstone In Mastercam

Follow along as Elton describes how we conceptualize parts, or in this case; a workholding CNC tombstone, in our Mastercam software. He also walks us through how machinists use the vise to mount parts for machining!

Creating A Fixture

Follow along to find out how Elton created the perfect fixture to securely hold certain parts that Advantech manufactures. Elton will walk you through the whole process, from designing and prototyping in CAD software to testing and improving the final design. He'll also explain why his fixture provides a better way of handling intricate components. Visit our website to learn more about the engineering ingenuity at Advantech Industries!

Excellence in Precision

⚡ For all your CNC Machining needs, we are your one-stop solution, ensuring excellence and efficiency every day.

Save time, ensure quality, and bring your concepts to fruition with Advantech.

Experienced Finishing Of A Gorgeous Circular Part

One of our experienced grinders is hard at work finishing up these gorgeous circular parts!

Expertly CNC Machined Parts At Advantech Industries

With over 100 state-of-the-art CNC Machines, we have the capabilities to meet high-quantity customer orders quickly, all while delivering parts of the highest quality and accuracy.

Highest Quality Solutions At Advantech Industries

Once the part comes out of the machine the work is not done! Check out our expert machinists coming together to complete various parts by buffing, sanding, and deburring. We ensure every part is meticulous and of the highest quality here at Advantech Industries!

Horizontal CNC Milling For Large Capacity Production

One of the most significant benefits of horizontal CNC milling machines is that they have the capacity to handle larger parts.

Hortizontal Boring Mill Shaping A Spindle

Here, we're shaping a spindle on one of our horizontal boring mills!

How Does CNC Machining Work?

If you haven't heard of CNC machining before, you're not alone! So, what does CNC stand for, and how does CNC machining work?

Insertion Of Heli Coils

Your single-source supplier for all CNC machined parts needs! ⚡

Watch as our assembly experts skillfully insert heli coils to complete a recent order.

To learn more about our capabilities visit!

Inside Look At CNC Machining

An "inside" look at our epic CNC Machines at work!

Insider View Of Our CNC Machines at Advantech Industries

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside our cutting-edge CNC machines? We think it's pretty amazing to watch!

Large Volume CNC Department!

The Solutions you Need to Maximize Productivity!

Advantech Industries offers a wide array of CNC machines designed to maximize productivity and output. Because of our versatile machinery and our world-class team of employees, parts are delivered for first-time acceptance and manufactured to the highest quality!

Machining: 3-Axis to 5-Axis

Here we have a part that was first roughed out on one of our 3-Axis CNC machines and then completed (Op-1 & Op-2) on a 5-Axis machine. It shows just how detailed and how many steps go into making a part like this!

Magnetic Lifters For Increased Productivity

Magnetic lifters are versatile work handling devices that can be used to move a variety of metals, ranging from small bundles of rod or scrap to large, heavy blocks. When used to replace slings and chains, lifting magnets can improve overall productivity by allowing a single person to lift a load that may have required two or more people without it.

Maintaining CNC Inserts For Peak Performance

At Advantech Industries, we prioritize machine performance and accuracy. That's why we ensure every element in our machines is ready for optimal performance.

Inserts play a critical role, as they maintain the accuracy and performance of CNC tools.

Mazak FJV-100/160 Machining Large Part Materials

Advantech Industries is proud to showcase our large-capacity CNC machines. With these powerful machines, jobs of all sizes can get completed faster and with greater precision.

Mazak FJV-100/160 at Advantech

Here, a very eye-catching, mid-sized, and stainless part is being machined on our new Mazak FJV - 100/160!

Our fleet of over 100 CNC Machines expands our capabilities by allowing for more complex machining with extreme accuracy and consistency!

For more information or to place an order, visit 🔩⚙️

Mission Critical Manufacturing

This video showcases the precision and efficiency of Advantech Industries' CNC machining process. Our skilled technicians transform raw materials into perfectly crafted parts, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to quality.

Phenomenal CNC Machining at Advantech Industries!

Experience phenomenal CNC machining at Advantech Industries!

Watch as our cutting-edge technology transforms raw materials into high-quality, precision parts.

Precision CNC Machined Parts

At Advantech Industries, we create precision parts with our state of the art CNC machines.

Precision Machining Advantech Industries

Join Jesse for a glimpse inside the world of precision machining at Advantech Industries!

The Precision of the Mazak FJV 100/120

Here, a very eye-catching, mid-sized, and stainless part is being machined on our new Mazak FJV - 100/120!

The Wire EDM Process in Machining

The basic electrical discharge machining process is really quite simple (although at first glance it doesn't appear that way!)

Vertical CNC Machined Parts In Action

Come take an insider's look up close and personal at our state-of-the-art vertical CNC machining in action 👀

Vertical CNC in Action!

Here's a longer look at the machining process of a part we highlighted a few days ago. Our vertical CNC really cuts through this material! All in all this OP took less than 15 minutes in real-time to run. Incredibly fast and efficient!

Vertical CNC in Action!

Here's a longer look at the machining process of a part we highlighted a few days ago. Our vertical CNC really cuts through this material! All in all this OP took less than 15 minutes in real-time to run. Incredibly fast and efficient!

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire electrical discharge machining uses a metallic wire to cut or shape a workpiece, often a conductive material, with a thin electrode wire that follows a precisely programmed path.

Your Single-Source Supplier For CNC Machining

As your single-source supplier for CNC machining, Advantech Industries delivers unparalleled accuracy through parts that fit the exact dimensions of customer CAD files.

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